Wellness Philosophy

Wellness is a very subjective term. The first thing we do in the wellness class is define what that word means to you, so that we can set some goals. Some of what we do is palliative in nature. We cannot be truly well until all people are living free from oppression and have their basic needs met.

The fact that most of us are unwell is a reflection of our sick society. Boutique practitioners then exploit that situation by using scare tactic marketing to turn us into captive consumers dependent on expensive dietary supplements and unsustainable super foods.

I know I am also marketing at you. I've spent a good deal of time trying to reconcile my personal beliefs with the need to actually make a living. Hopefully, I am marketing an end to the nonsense. In my wellness class, I teach you the basic skills you need to take care of yourself with locally grown plants and inexpensive ingredients.

My ultimate goal as an herbal educator is to teach you well enough that the only time I see you is when you stop in to trade plants or herbal preparations with me.

Towards this end, my class addresses the the following aspects of wellness.


You have to eat well in order to be well. No amount of acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, or imported superfood is going to help you feel better if you are not getting what your body needs to function properly and repair itself. I personally don't care what you eat, or don't eat, to get these nutrients. I have no personal "diet dogma" other than moderation. I do believe that no matter what you eat, plant constituents are the most important factor in a healthy diet. I can teach you inexpensive ways to incorporate more plants into your diet with herbal preparations.


Wellness is greatly influenced by how you interact with your environment and how it interacts with you. Being in community with your neighbors and your ecosystem improves your physical well-being. One of the reasons I set this up as a class is to start that process. I've seen classmates become supportive friends and those friendships have improved their overall outcomes.


Most people who walk in my door don't have established habits like getting regular sleep or exercise. We will talk about what can help you do that. We also have to talk about how you are managing stress. I know that it's akin to harm reduction given the unhealthy reality of modern living, but it's better than being overamped all the time.I call my stress support formulas "band-aid blends."