Kitchen Table Workshops

So last night was my second kitchen table workshop and it went pretty well. We had fun but I wasn’t as organized as I would like to be.   We were also a little smushed because of the giant tree. Luckily we only have to deal with that in December.

The first couple times I do something I am just trying to work out the kinks.  They were well received.  I am going to keep doing them and I have kind of worked out a clear vision of what I want the class to be.

The most  important things to understand about these classes is that they are a two part deal.  I send you pretty extensive handouts before the class, but I don’t really spend much time on them in the class.

Think of the gathering as the discussion and “lab” part of the workshop, because that’s what I am doing.  You will get more out of the class if you have done the reading ahead of time and have formulated some questions before you come.  During the class I might talk for a bit, but I kind of want to jump into the doing, so that I can send you home with lots of samples.

I have a Facebook group set up for people who have taken the class to ask questions, especially those of you who were at last night’s session because those handouts didn’t go out as early as they should have because we had some late sign-ups.

The next class will be held February 27th from 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. and the topic spring tonics and starting our herbal seedlings for the coming growing season.