Pitcaithly  Biscuits

This biscuit recipe is based on an old bannock recipe that I have.  There’s a lot of nonsense out there written about bannock on food blogs and we all know how I love to set things straight.  First off, bannock describes the shape of the bake.  It is a round, flat loaf.  So it can be savory or sweet. It can be baked in a skillet, or in the oven.   The only requirement is that it is baked into a flat circle and cut into wedges when served.  So it’s really just a word the Scots use for scone or shortbreads.

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Handmade Holidays


One of the ways to simplify the holidays is by assessing your resources as far as gift giving goes. I am not going to go into the larger debate of the necessity of this custom. It is a long standing tradition dating back to antiquity and it makes me happy. Enough said.

The trick is not to let it stress you out. If you have more money than time, it probably isn’t a good idea to stretch yourself by starting a lot of projects. There are plenty of craft shows and local merchants to support this time of year. I actually plan on listing some things I have for sale locally, here on the blog next week.

That is definitely not the case around here this year. I have next to no budget, but I have time on my hands. I have been Pinterest-ing up a storm, looking for homemade gift ideas that I can make from my herb closet and the  piles of neglected craft supplies around here.

Take for example today’s project. I already had the materials kicking around. So for the price of one of these at the store, I can make six. (Honestly, I had the stainless steel straws, too. I planned on doing this last year.) There are a lot of patterns out there for crocheting cozies and sewing the covers, but I wanted to keep it quick, simple and cheap.  I have a lot of old wool sweaters saved, so I used the sleeves to sew these.

If I were going to give these as gifts, I would tuck them in a basket with a beverage tea blend that would be good cold, although you can use these like insulated mugs for hot beverages, too.  Another fun thing to give with these would be a bitters blend and some sparkling water.

I will post a few of my projects on here over the next few weeks.  But I have a few ideas on the blog in the Handmade Holidays category. also.