Bodily Autonomy and Herbal Abortion

The first step to truly having bodily autonomy is understanding how your body works, and the second is trying to sift through the mess of information out there about this subject.

My little bit of activism is going to be to try to clear up some confusion around the history of abortion and the herbs that we are often told were used for that purpose and put an end to some of the dangerous practices recommended by people and websites that are full of misinformation.

My latest post is for clarification, because I had a lot of practitioners asking me questions that made me realize that they don’t understand the basic physiology of a pregnancy. I figured if they don’t get it, then the average person surely doesn’t. A Brief Physiology of Conception, Abortion, and Labor

Before that I had tried to clear up a misunderstanding about a particular class of herbs in my post Herbs that “Provoke the Courses” – Spoiler, this doesn’t mean what you think it means. For years people have been translating this phrase as abortifacients based on the assumption that the only reason a person would want to start menstruation is because they were trying to abort. It’s nonsense and it needs to be cleared up. I cover misconceptions about Daucus carota (Queen Anne’s Lace) in this post.

In my history post “The Rising of the Mother” I once again try to illustrate how the nonsense historical concept used to define that class of herbs has been used to mistakenly explain mental health challenges. Other posts that mention this sort of thing include The History of Mugwort .

There will be two more posts on the actual history of abortion in the next week or so. One focusing on antiquity and the other focusing on the early modern era. I will add the links to those as they are published.