Recycling Old Glassware

The family supply of tinctures stored in reclaimed bottles.
The family supply of tinctures stored in reclaimed bottles.

So this is not the post on poultices that I promised.  I sat down and dutifully started that today but once again was side-tracked.  This time the culprit was a disgusting refrigerator.  Apparently it had been awhile since I went through and emptied it of all of the almost empty jars that my family keeps putting back in there.   Then of course they had to be cleaned and sanitized for re-use.

As a herbalist/urban homesteader, I am somewhat taken aback by all of the canning jars that  I see many other herbalists using.   Don’t they know those are for food? 🙂   All teasing aside, I don’t use my canning jars for herbal preparations.  I re-use jars that I can’t use for food preservation, that otherwise would go into the recycling.   The exception being the items, I list in the shoppe.  I use new containers for stuff I sell.

First, I give them a good soak in a hot sanitizing solution in the sink and I scrub off the labels and sticky with a coarse steel wool pad.   After, I’ve cleaned them by hand, I run them through the dishwasher and they look good as new.   I save all my little bottles that I’ve picked up herbal preparations,  as well.   The essential oils that I use for soaps come in little brown bottles which are precious for storing herbs and I had quite a few of them piled up for cleaning.   So that is pretty much what took up the extra couple of hours that I had to write something meaningful, today.      It probably seems silly to some, but it is a good job done and now I have clean bottles to use for all these assignments Kristine is piling up for me.

I finished off the day working on my garden plans and starting more seeds.  I added a page to the blog where you can see what I have going so far.   I am not as far along as I would like to be and I have absolutely nothing  outside done, due to the snow and freezing drizzle we still have going here in Iowa.   I may have jinxed myself saying this was the year I was going to get the garden pulled together.

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