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This blog began over on Xanga over twelve  years ago now. It started as a place where I would talk about the trials and tribulations of natural family living and share pictures and recipes with my friends and family.

Today, I am a qualified herbal educator and consultant and those who have been with me for the last fifteen years can attest to the fact that this blog has reflected my journey toward that role.

While the blog has grown with me over the years, I still keep it true to that original purpose. I still have a family that I care for and a garden that I tend. I want all aspects of my life with herbs to be reflected in this blog.  I view basic herbal self-care as a lifestyle that involves incorporating herbs into your food, your self-care preparations and every aspect of your daily regimen.  (And yes… you have one of those… even if its not optimal.)

As an anthropologist, I have learned that historically people had a better handle on this than we do now, so I write a lot about  good old-fashioned know-how.   On occasion, I will share folk remedies or how to use herbal preparations to support your recovery from minor illnesses and injuries.  I have the scientific background to back up what I am saying with modern research.

So this is basically a long-winded way of saying this is not a blog for learning clinical herbalism. This is a blog that reflects how folk ways and home remedies contribute to a healthful lifestyle. In an effort to make it pay for itself  I do occasionally share some Amazon links and I do get a small percentage of any sale, so if you feel like supporting me that would be awesome.

If you are interested in more in depth learning,  I strongly suggest you check out the rest of  the website for information on classes and workshops I offer.

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