2020 Goals

I know. I know.  It’s another one of those posts.

It’s not really though, because I am not going to ramble on. This year I am setting goals in three areas.  I don’t honestly care if anyone reads it or not, I am finalizing my brainstorming in a way that helps me hold myself accountable.

Building Systems of Mutual Aid

I am not going to go into an explanation of mutual aid in this post except to say I looked into volunteering with a couple of local organizations this fall, only to find that they are a lot the same-old, same-old. I haven’t been into the liberal interpretation of charity since I went to Goddard.  #solidaritynotcharity will be the guiding theme of my year.

This blog post that explains the differences between “mutual aid projects that provide direct aid as part of radical movements trying to get to the root causes of problems and charity or social services organizations that provide direct aid in ways that often supplement, stabilize, or sustain violent and coercive hierarchies.”  I’d really love to run through the syllabus and class discussion questions in some sort of asynchronous format with local people who are interested in this topic.  I have friends who took the class in Chicago and they said it was amazing.

You can definitely expect to see the Iowa City chapter of Herbalists without Borders working pretty closely with Millennials for Climate Action as there can be no health justice without environmental justice.  An overlapping focus of  both groups is food security and building local food systems, so I expect that our joint projects might focus on that.


One thing I have figured out is that I have to structure my day differently.  I get so much more done in a day when I do.  If I hop on the computer in the morning, even if it is just to check a list,  I will invariably get sidetracked. I am better off waiting until my hands on work is done for the day.  So instead of returning correspondence first thing in the morning, it will be later in the day before I sit down to to my computer.  Hopefully it will break me other my other bad habit which is swiping  away a message because I am hyperfocusing on another task and forgetting to come back to it.

Moving back to a paper organizing binder is going to help with that, too.

Remember back in the Xanga days when we were all making our pretty household  organizing binders? I remember that Kristine Brown’s was particularly lovely. The other day I found myself wondering why I stopped that?

I think it was because I thought using the online organizers like OneNote and Cozi would be more efficient, but didn’t end up being due to online distractions.  I  still like Cozi for menu planning and communicating to the family,  but honestly it is not the best system for me personally, because if I have to come back to the computer to check a list, chances are I am going to get sidetracked by something that could wait.

The one thing that I am really good at is keeping up with the cleaning schedule in my stillroom, because I have a paper checklist hanging on a clipboard in there.  So I went out to the garage and dug out an old binder I kept because I needle felted the cover.  I am redesigning my household notebook.  I had all of this stuff on Cozi lists already so it didn’t take me long.  I don’t love wasting paper, so I laminated the weekly chore lists. 

Self Sufficiency

Finally we will continue to learn how to break the cycle of consumer dependency, by learning new skills. There are some things I haven’t been doing much of lately because finances get in the way.  For example, my sewing machines need serviced, so I haven’t been sewing as much as I used to, so I bought some new tools and am going to learn how to  service my sewing machines.