I decided that we’d had enough cool evenings that it was time to dig up some astragalus root this week.  Well it was actually my husband who dug it up.  He’s been promoted to full apprentice status around here. I set aside a good size chunk to shred and dry and roast with honey and then chopped up the rest to make astragalus broth for pressure canning.   Both recipes are in the article below.  Continue reading

Time for one of my fun history posts.  I am so glad that people are enjoying these. I thought that this would be a good topic for this time of year as I often pick and dry the end-of-season herbs to be used for making pastilles.  I also use them for strewing herbs, so if you missed that article you might want to check it out. Continue reading

Coming from an Iowan farm background as I do,  I still split my year up between the light half which is winding down this month and the dark half of the year.  This is kind of in keeping with the historical practice of most agricultural cultures, but I sometimes wonder if my people didn’t settle in this area because the weather reminded them of home.

I am outside for a lot of the light half of the year, so I don’t much care what my house looks like, but when I come in to hibernate, I like it to be cozy.  One thing that brings me absolute joy is the week I spend doing fall cleaning.

Really,  I mean that.  My other deep dark secret is that I actually love to iron.

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