The Harvest Moon

Tonight, is the  full harvest moon and I thought I’d pass along some of the lore and history surrounding the harvest moon and talk about some of the other customs associated with the harvest moon.

Gaelic Weather Lore

A new moon that comes in on its foot meaning  that it stands straight up-and-down like the handle of a cup is said to be a sign that the upcoming weather will be good. If the new moon comes in on its back, then it is said to be rough  wet, weather ahead.  There’s an old Scottish proverb:

The bonny moon is on her back,
Mend your shoon and sort your thack. Continue reading

I said I was going to take most the summer off and  kind of did although I did a lot of researching and re-organization. One thing I did over the summer was to have a friend conduct a kind of informal survey of local folks who read my blog.  Thanks to everyone who participated. As promised here is a really informal summary of the results.

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