Classes and Consultations

Learn to make your own health promoting preparations.

Syllabus for Self-care Class

Please be certain to contact me to be sure of openings in the current class. If you pay for the course and the current session is full, I will consider this payment to be for the next session and will enroll you in that.  I do not issue refunds.

End of Year Special Pricing

$75.00 for the course!

If this is a gift purchase, or you would like to delay your start date, please let me know by e-mailing me or noting that with your payment! The price will return to $100 on January 1st.  

The next class starts December 11th, 2017!  

More information:

I don’t do traditional consultations. Frequently when people contact me for a “consultation” they are looking for me to hand them a natural alternative to a pharmaceutical product or OTC preparation, at the end.  That’s just not how I work.  That’s not how wellness works.

I approach achieving wellness with the idea that all people need to establish and follow a health regimen which meets their physical and emotional needs. Plants contribute to our wellness in a variety of ways, but they don’t work in a vacuum.

Incoming clients are enrolled in a six-week herbal self-care course. During the course, you will be learning about herbs and how they contribute to a healthful lifestyle but you will also be analyzing your diet, looking at how your lifestyles choices impact your health, and designing your own regimen with a little help from myself and my TA.

The course contains recorded lectures, how-to tutorials and plenty of valid reference material available in a student lending library. (My secondary goal with this approach is to get people away from using Internet sources.) There will be reading assignments, cooking assignments, preparation tutorials, asynchronous class discussions and feedback. We will have weekly Q & A sessions in a group chat.

Because I feel like asynchronous learning environments are most convenient for adult learning, the class will be taught primarily online. This cuts back on me having to spend hours trying to make everyone’s schedule jive.New sessions of the class will start every six weeks, with this kick off chat.

At the end however you do come to my place for lab time and to discuss your final projects, so this is not open to distance learners. This appointment will be scheduled when it is convenient for each participant and myself.

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