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Sirs Finn and Sir Robin

It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to make the little guys.  I actually
sort of enjoyed the process once I quit being super critical of every little thing.
I tried to make them look a little bit like their owners.  Sir Finn is Brower’s so
he has a little bit rounder smaller head and Sir Robin belongs to
Trapolin so his face is a bit thinner and longer.   I still need to make
some clothes for Robin but we have been busy doing some Spring
cleaning around here so that will wait until Monday.

Faerie Friends

Hey, look who moved into my sons’ treehouse.  We made these little faeries this afternoon.  It was good rainy day fun for the first thunderstorm of spring  The one in the middle is my favorite because she has purple wings.  Trapolin picked the colors and he absolutely insisted that they have faces painted on.  I figure it is his call to make since they are his toys.