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Sirs Finn and Sir Robin

It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to make the little guys.  I actually
sort of enjoyed the process once I quit being super critical of every little thing.
I tried to make them look a little bit like their owners.  Sir Finn is Brower’s so
he has a little bit rounder smaller head and Sir Robin belongs to
Trapolin so his face is a bit thinner and longer.   I still need to make
some clothes for Robin but we have been busy doing some Spring
cleaning around here so that will wait until Monday.

The Cloaks are Done


I finished the cloaks.    I am glad to have them done well in advance of any Ren Faires that will occur in May but I still want to work on some little tunics, belts and pouches and like before then.   The cloaks are the hard part though, so I have plenty of time to work on the rest of it.   My stuff came from Weirs already, so I wanted to finish these up quickly so I can get to our Spring nature table stuff before I am utterly consumed by the project of putting two dolls together.

I know I have been more crafty than normal lately but it lends itself well to homeschooling.   I can sit and work on a project quietly while the girls work on their school stuff.   That way I am right there and available to help with questions but it doesn’t make them feel like I am sitting right on top of them.

The girls joined 4-H.  This was almost entirely due to the absolutely stellar leader they have.  She is a retired home economics teacher who volunteers all of her time to teaching her 4-H’ers to sew.  She has a serger, three sewing machines and every gizmo known to mankind but more importantly she will teach the girls to sew properly.

I sort of cobble things together as I go and take a lot of shortcuts so it is definitely not a good idea for me to be the only one teaching them.    They had their first lesson with her today.  She seems like a very nice lady.

The Hobbit Hole

 Here is the finished project.  It certainly took me long enough, didn’t it?

Of course as this was technically supposed to be a gnome house, I
had to wing it a bit to make the hobbits.
I used those chunky based wooden forms so that Brower
could play with them and they would stand up easily.

As you can see, the hobbits have moved right in and made themselves
at home.   I think I am going to knit little sleeping mats for them.
The tree house furniture is a bit oversized for a hobbit hole but
then again they are much smaller than people or so Trapolin tells me.