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I bought myself something today!








Jennifer loaned me her rotary cutter yesterday.  I used it for a bit and I
was in love.  So I feel it was a karmic coincidence that when I went
to Joann’s today to get some fabric to make runners for my sisters,
this set was on a ridiculous clearance sale.

I got it for half price.
I made runners for my sisters and my Mom today and now I am working on
something else.  I think I will work on the rug a bit tonight, too.
Steve wants to learn how to do it.

How We Spend Our WInters

Since some of you mentioned all my snow,  I thought I would share a

few shots of the boys enjoying the bountiful amount of that white stuff

that we have had lately.

Mom prefers to remain inside where it is warm and work
on finishing the many projects I start.

This is a table runner I made.

I also have a rug that I am braiding from a wornout duvet cover and
an old sheet that had worn through.

This was my fantastic Goodwill find.  I got both of these skeins of
yarn for 88 cents and while not perfect Gryffindor colors they are close
enough for Trapolin so I am working on this scarf.