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New Soap Recipes

I ran across a couple new cold processing formulas that I enjoy.






Keep in mind these are just lists of ingredients. Make sure to read thorough explanation of how to cold process before you begin to make soap.

I have been wanting to experiment with rice bran oil in place of olive oil since I spoke to a soap vendor about using it.  It is less expensive than olive oil and seems to have many of the same properties.

Shampoo Bar

12 0z Coconut Oil
19 oz. Olive Oil
12  oz. Castor Oil
16 oz.  distilled water or old beer
6 oz. lye

Since this is a shampoo bar and not something I will use for hand milled soaps,  I went ahead and added essential oils at trace.  I used rosemary, lavender and mint but you can use any combination that you enjoy. This takes quite a while to trace and set up.  It should probably cure for six weeks before using.

Rice Bran Oil Soap

400 g rice bran oil
300 g coconut oil
300 g palm oil
143 g lye
350 g distilled water

Interesting ways to vary soap recipes.

  • You can infuse any of the oils with herbals of your choice before making the soap.
  • You can replace some of the oil (not the fats, the oil that is liquid at room temperature) with heavy cream or goats milk.   I honestly don’t do this often.  I generally add those to handmilled soaps.
  • You can replace the water in the recipe with a very strong herbal infusion, strong brewed coffee, chai or anything else you think would make a fun recipe.
  • You can replace the water in the recipe with rosewater or lavender water.
  • You can replace the water in the recipe with aloe vera.
  • You can replace the water in the recipe with flat beer… this makes a great shampoo bar.