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Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference

IMG_8224If you know me in real life, you understand that I spend most of my time in my head and in my left brain.  This blog and my garden are often the only places my right brain gets to exercise itself and as you will notice by the large gaps in between posts here on my blog that sometimes I am not so good at allowing it free rein.

Over the weekend I took off to the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference .   My going was a very last minute decision .   I wasn’t sure until the day before registration closed if Steve would be out-of-town or if he would be here to hold the fort.    Then suddenly everything fell into place, including a traveling buddy.  Once I had all of that in order, my very sensible left brain scoured the schedule and planned out  which classes I was going to take -all  good solid clinical stuff .   One of the things I noticed before I even got there is that  Linda Conroy did a remarkable job of creating balance at the conference.

Ubaka Hill

Ubaka Hill

Then a funny thing happen.   I got to the conference and  my poor, neglected right brain revolted.   I found myself attending classes that were completely out-of-character for me.    I took a class on  Finding Your Voice from Celia Farran, The Art and Spirit of Drumming with Ubaka Hill and some great permaculture classes with Judy Speer of  Small Waters Education.

Of course my right brain took over occasionally. I couldn’t miss  Cynthia Thomas’s class on the nervous system and  I  finally got to meet Seanna Tully and hear her great presentation on the adrenals.    I was able to catch some of my friend Lisa Rose Starner’s classes, and photostalk her.   She’s so very photogenic.   You can look at my Facebook photo album from the event .It is public.

Celia's Finding Your Voice Workshop

Celia’s Finding Your Voice Workshop

I thought a lot of my friend who passed in February  while I was there.  This gathering would have been just her cup of tea.  It was the sort of thing that she was often, not usually successfully, trying to drag me off to.  She loved Celia and she was always trying to get me to dance and have fun.

She would have been proud of me.   I participated in singing circles, I drummed,  I  danced in the evening and connected with dear friends.  I came home exhausted in the very best way possible.

Upon reflecting on the weekend,   I realize how often  I overlook the importance of balance and spending time singing and laughing.  I am so damn serious,  lately.    This has been a very serious year, this transition from one age to another.   It has been hard and I sometimes feel weary and I forget my own lessons about making time for  fun.    I am going to have to work on that.