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Cornish Pasties

IMG_5666My husband spent his summers staying at his grandparents’ cabin in Eagle Harbor, MI and one of his fondest memories is eating the giant pasties served at Toni’s
I was one of the few Iowans I knew who knew about pasties, because my Mom made them growing up. When we were growing up we used chunks of pork and beef, and I prefer them that way, still.  But I gave in and started adding some ground meat, sometimes after I had Toni’s. I don’t really like hamburger, so I use ground pork.

I’ve kind of avoided posting a recipe because well, I don’t really have precise measurements for the filling. I just kind of throw it together but I can post a specific dough recipe that works well for pasties.


2 scant cups of flour
4 oz butter
1/4 tsp mustard powder
4-6 tbsp water

Mix the flour and mustard powder. Cut the butter into the flour and add the water until you have a nice elastic dough. The consistency isn’t quite like pie crust, it is the same recipe I use for my sausage rolls.


1/2 sliced skirt or stew beef
1/2 ground pork or sliced pork chops
thinly sliced rutabaga or turnips
thinly sliced potato
finely chopped onion

I mix the meat and vegetables together, like a meatloaf, before I put the pasties together.   I will admit that when I use ground meat, it holds the vegetables in place, which makes crimping the crust a little easier. The short video below gives you a little bit of history about the pasty and shows an alternative method of putting the pasties together by layering the ingredients.

Once you have them put together, bake them in an oven preheated to 400 degrees for 60 minutes.