So when I was thinking about what I wanted to do with my blog most of the summer, I was just thinking of scrapping it.  I think I am kind of boring. Because of my upbringing, I guess I tend to think that my lifestyle is a lot more “normal” than it really is.  But other people assure me that we are not boring and said it would be a shame if I gave it up all together.

So the other day a friend and I were chatting about what led to the decline of domestic medicine and why females, who provided most of the healthcare for a large chunk of history, suddenly became afraid to take out a sliver on their own.  (Not hyperbole, we actually had a friend who went to the ER for a sliver.) But we were also talking about it in terms of women’s reproductive health and how much agency we have lost there.

I mean clearly competition for consumer healthcare dollars has been around for a long time, and that plays into scaring people away from using traditional remedies.  Medical marketing campaigns have always used those tactics.  But the food industry did the same thing when it comes to preserving our own food.  The absolute failure and lasting legacy of that approach is that  most Americans became frightened of their own cultural folkways and foodways.

Now you have a lot of people  mucking around in other cultures too much, because they don’t know anything about their own.  I think, if they are completely honest they are a little jealous of people who do.

I get it. I am grounded in all that in a way few people are, and I know that I would miss it if it wasn’t in my life.

But I think that most people can rediscover their own culture. If you are a bit of a mutt like most Americans are then it might be a bit of a mish-mash, but could still provide that connection that most people seem to be missing.

So, I am going to spend the next year talking about how folkways and family narrative have shaped my daily life.  That’s going to include some folklore and even a rogue post or two that talks about folk music like the Harvest Moon post,  if the moods strikes me. Because if it is one thing that peasants have always known how to do, it’s balance the hard work and griminess of life with some music and games.

Hopefully it will inspire some people to look to their own heritage and family stories.  If not, I hope you at least find it entertaining.