This is my project.  It is going to be a wall hanging when
I am done.  I am just finishing up a quick outline stitch around
the shamrocks and then I will be done.


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  1. SimplyPynki

    Nice! Are you quilting it? Or just leaving it without filling?RYC:I thought about getting a juke instead, but decided on the Razor because it’s picture phone was better.

  2. mom2radata

    @SimplyPynki – I should have said I would be finished piecing it. I do plan on quilting it. I found this cool batting at Joann’s that is made from bamboo and organic cotton. I will probably sew it together and hang it this year and work on quilting it later. I want to hand quilt it because honestly that is easier for me than machine quilting. It will take awhile though.

  3. mom2radata

    @ShackintheMountains – Let’s just say I have a strong Celtic background. Irish, Scottish, Cornish (and no, according to my grandmother’s family that is NOT the same thing as British) Riley’s name is my middle name and it was my great-grandfather’s middle name because it was his mother’s maiden name. My mom changed the spelling though.

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