Homemade Hot Sauce

This is my attempt to replicate a bottle of hot sauce my brother brought back from New Orleans.  It is a weak imitation as I have no wooden barrels in which to age the stuff but it is fairly good.

1 pound cayenne peppers (I used mix of cayenne and jalepeno), chopped

1 head  of garlic, minced

2 cups of vinegar

2 teaspoons sea salt

Mix the ingredients together and simmer in a stainless steel sauce pan for 5 minutes.  Put this mixture in a blender or through a chinois sieve. I really prefer using the sieve; it seems to do a better job of grinding the garlic and peppers together.

Bottle this in clean bottles and store in fridge.  I make a lot so I process it in jelly jars in a hot water bath.  You can always pour it into a hot sauce bottle for serving later.  Let the sauce sit for at least two weeks (bare minimum) before using.

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