Ginger Lemonade

Start out by chopping up a three-four inch chunk of fresh ginger and putting the ginger into a thermos or other container that can be covered.

In a sauce pan put 1/4 cup dried elderberries and the zest of four lemons in  4 cups of  water and bring the water to a boil.  When the water boils pour it over the ginger and cover the container.  Infuse for at least four hours.  I generally let it sit overnight.

In the morning I strain the mixture and juice the lemons. Add the lemon juice to the strained mixture and sweeten as desired by  adding  raw honey or Grade B Maple syrup.  You can add a bit of cayenne pepper to this if you are dealing with respiratory illness.
It can (and should be)  served warm if  viral symptoms are present but it also makes a refreshing cold  lemonade to drink anytime.

3 Responses to “Ginger Lemonade”

  1. Vonnie Says:

    PERFECT!! Need to use up my ginger and you gave me just the RIGHT size :-) Lemons - I only have Lemon Juice? So how much for that if using instead… Thanks! Hugs

  2. Matriarchy Says:

    Thanks! Just what I need for some scratchy throats around here. The dry winter heat is bothering all of our tender tissues.

  3. Susy Says:

    Sounds delicious!

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